Collin Adams, Board Member


Collin Adams has been in Palm Beach County for most of his life. He has always been extremely passionate about helping others overcome obstacles in their lives. This passion helped him throughout life's ventures from his careers in fashion and beauty to his everyday life.

Collin first started his career in fashion styling seven years ago under the pseudo name "Collin Santini" between South Florida, New York City, and Atlanta. He has had the opportunity to style celebrities and elite members of society for red carpet events, as well as, television and print advertisements. He has been credited for his fashion editorials in both domestic and international publications. During his fashion career he wanted to be able to curate head to toe looks with respectable knowledge. Collin ventured into the beauty industry of New York City running full-service high-end salon and spas. There he gained full knowledge of makeup, skincare, and hair.

Collin was able to succeed with both of these careers due to his passion for helping others. Collin considers it an honor to be on the Board of Directors for Family Promise as well as volunteer his time and resources for those in the program. Through the efforts of Family Promise he hopes to help end child and family homelessness.

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